Our Services

Committed Services

We provide unparalleled services and support with utmost commitment to our clients. Our tailor-made services are further enhanced by the safe and efficient operation of your facility. Our 24-hour response team ensures your facility is never left unattended in the event of an emergency.

Professionally Managed Handyman Services

  • Common area cleaning
  • Interior/Exterior lighting replacement
  • Litter patrol for all common areas
  • Dumpster & recycled areas maintainance
  • Inspection/Testing of structures
  • Weekly progress reports

Facilities Management

We provide a fully comprehensive and professional facility management services including property consultancy to day-to-day operations through a dedicated company. All of our clients have specific needs reliant upon their business cycle which is taken in account while designing and delivering an integrated solution.

Our range of services

  • General Wood Cleaning
  • Glazing, Inspection Replacement and Repair
  • Services Repair Fitting and Maintenance Pest Control
  • Coating, Inspection and Maintenance
  • Banner and Sign Erection

Industries We Serve

  • Commercial & Industrial buildings
  • High rise Building
  • Government facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Portable Cabins
  • Educational facilities
  • Shopping Malls

Technical Services

We also provide comprehensive integrated facilities management services that are tailor-made to maximize the lifecycle of your assets while ensuring their full functionality.